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Meet a new series of sport sunscreen products that cares for your needs.
Beam Bum Face Stick

Sunscreen Colour Stick

Ideal for styling water adventures and protection. Long-lasting and water resistant formula. Doesn’t smudge or wash off.

sunscreen cream
Beam Bum Sunscreen SPF 50

Sport Sunscreen Cream

Very water resistant, high protection, sunscreen cream for the face and body. Ideal for long sun exposure. Extremely persistent to all activities involving sea and snow, as well as conditions of profuse sweating.

Beam Bum After Sun

Moisturizing Soothing Gel

Powerful, moisturizing, anti-aging gel. Ideal for use after sun exposure. Suitable for the face and body.

Beam Bum Lip Balm SPF 30

Sunscreen Lip Balm

Offers sunscreen lip protection. Prevents lips from chapping, moisturizes, soothes and heals already cracked lips.

Natural Ingredients

Our products take care of you with selected natural ingredients
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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, the plant which was known in all ancient civilizations for its healing properties, the beauty, health and long life it offers, is justifiably today considered a “miraculous” medicine. Its properties are due to the valuable biological ingredients it contains (enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, bioflavonoids, sugars and amino acids). Aloe’s action in the skin is moisturizing and healing. Because of its quick absorption by the skin, it instantly relieves from the symptoms of sunburn. Furthermore, it assists with the removal of the skin’s dead cells, which create dry skin, and enhances the formation of new, healthy skin tissue.

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The benefits when using beeswax are many, because it attracts water molecules and helps skin stay hydrated over time while it's breathable and won’t clog your pores. Beeswax naturally blocks irritants and is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and keeps toxins out. It is rich in vitamin A, which promotes the regeneration of cells while healing broken skin and protecting healthy skin.

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