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About Us

Our story

We are a diverse group of people of different backgrounds and ages who were driven by our common passion for safely exercising sports under extreme weather conditions.

Our brand, BeamBum, is not just another sunscreen. It is primarily the passion of the team behind it for devoting to what they love the most without diversions.

An idea of a group of friends, whose primary need was to find the right sunscreen that will remain on skin while surfing and skiing for hours. This need drove us to compose a unique formula of broad photostable UV filters against UV-A / UV-B rays that protects from sunburn and premature signs of aging. A special product that stays on your skin without constantly re-applying and which doesn’t affect your eyes while sweating or getting wet during your sport practicing or racing. Our products’ concept began from real life needs and not in a marketing department.

We love Greece, we are passionate for the sun, therefore our products are designed and produced in Athens. Our formula has been tested and used under very challenging conditions, from professional athletes, therefore we can guarantee high quality.

Our purpose

To support the ones passionate with sports to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun so that they enjoy their passion more by exclusively focusing on their goals.

We aim to serve the sophisticated and the committed who share our values and definition of quality.

Our vision

Athletes are exposed to a number of dangers and injuries. We believe that sun exposure should not be one of them.

We visualize a world where people will turn into a more active lifestyle and not live the action through TV or social media but will spend more time at the sea and the mountains, offering themselves exciting experiences. For us it never ends with selling, we always try to support the passion we share with others for extreme sports.

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Our mission

As in every sport and for every part of the body, there is protective equipment, so our skin needs a specially designed “sports gear”. 

That is why we create special protection and care products, designed even for the most extreme sports conditions and we make them available to everyone who is or feels like an athlete, people that love activities under the sun like running, cycling, hiking, skiing or snowboarding, playing tennis and beach volley as well as activities in direct contact with water like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, SUP or any other water sports.


Beambum products really respect and protect the environment, which is why the packaging is
made from recyclable materials, suitable for disposal in the blue recycling bins. Also, while
there are still different views on the research and the causes of damage caused by cosmetic
products to coral reefs, Beam Bum does not use sunscreens, such as Oxybenzone and
Octinoxate, which have been banned by certain law, to protect the sea and the environment
we love so much.

Waterproof Formula

With the long experience of our experts and our full equipment, we have managed to create an innovative formula, completely water-resistant and long lasting. Thanks to the extremely hydrophobic formula of the emulsion and the natural filters, Beam Bum specialized sunscreens are a necessary and unique form of guaranteed protection for all the body parts that are exposed to the sun. Ideal for those who are into sea sports, as well as any sports that cause profuse sweating.

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Natural Ingredients

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Environmentally Friendly

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Waterproof Formula

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Sun Protection

We are inspired

We are inspired by the constant and devoted effort that athletes make to achieve their goals and their dreams.

We are inspired by a walk, a sunshiny day in the mountain or a rainy day at the beach.

We are inspired by the satisfaction and the serenity of the mountaineer the moment he steps on the mountain top.

We are inspired by the tension and the adrenaline of the performer during a leap or a figure.

We are inspired by the magic of the group of friends around a fire.

We are inspired by everything that takes us out of our daily routine and fill us with joy and happiness.

Our Values

Why Beam Bum?
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