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HealthYou got sunscreen for your face and body. For your lips, though?

Judging by the results of several surveys, probably not. While we have the habit to protect our body from the sun rays, there are some body parts that we often neglect. One of them is the lips.

This body part is very sensitive and because it is located on the face, its health is strongly affected by environmental conditions all year round, as it is always exposed to them. The outer layer of the skin of the lips is thin, while this area has minimal melanin, so they do not tan but burn easily. Also, when we do not apply the right products, the collagen on the lips can change due to sun exposure.

Therefore, there is an even greater need for protection from sun damage (see burning, dichroism, photoaging) and dehydration. Another consequence is signs of aging, such as stretch marks, while in extreme cases prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun can cause radial cheilitis.

Why do we get dry lips?

The intense cold, the wind, the humidity, the sea salt. There are many causes for your lips to crack. Did you know that if you lick your lips you are likely to cause more damage? Saliva acts as a magnifying glass and enhances the effect of the sun.

To avoid all this and to enjoy our outdoor activities all year round safely, it is important to add to our “arsenal” a specialized lip balm with an SPF index of 15 and above, for the care both before and after their exposure to the sun.

How to protect your lips from the sun

Dermatologists recommend the use of sunscreen products for the care of your lips when exposed to the sun. It is important to protect your lips for at least half an hour before going out. As with body sunscreens, lip balms can often be applied when exposed to the sun.

Use waterproof products

If you are in a pool or on the beach, make sure that the sunscreen you use for your lips is waterproof. It is necessary to provide protection even when you swim for a long time (80 minutes or more). The protection of the lips from the sun goes away very quickly. Therefore, you should apply it as often as needed during your visit to the pool or the beach.

Sunscreen without para-aminobenzoic acid to protect your lips

You should also make sure that your sunscreen is free of para-aminobenzoic acid. This can cause allergies in some people. Photodermatitis can cause skin burns, even more easily in areas where para-aminobenzoic acid has been applied. A rash can also develop.

Pay attention to the protection indicator

As with body sunscreens, lip balms can contain a certain amount of sunscreen protection factor (SPF). To protect your lips, choose one with an SPF of 15 and above. Make sure that the product keeps your lips soft and hydrated. Remember that dryness increases burn in the area.

Do not use lip gloss as a substitute

You may have thought of applying lip gloss instead of a specialized lip balm, because it is handy. However, this will damage your lips. Glossy lip glosses or lipsticks damage the skin of the lips when they meet the sun's ultraviolet rays. Also, choosing a lip gloss or lipstick without an SPF may increase the chances of developing skin cancer.

Everyday tips for healthy lips

Exfoliation of the lips

After sun exposure, you should do a gentle exfoliation on your lips if they are dry and begin to peel. Ideally with a soft toothbrush once a week, it helps to remove accumulated dead cells and helps to create new ones. However, you should keep in mind that when we are talking about a sensitive area, you should not exfoliate too harsh or abuse your lips. In addition, you should not exfoliate immediately after sun exposure, as your lips are more sensitive than usual.

Hydrate from inside!

Staying hydrated is one of the best treatments for chapped lips, especially when the weather is very hot. In addition to increased water consumption, prefer foods high in water, such as fruits (watermelon, melon, grapefruit, strawberries and oranges) and vegetables (cucumber, iceberg lettuce, zucchini, celery, radish, tomato, pepper, broccoli and carrots). Avoid foods that dehydrate you, such as processed foods as well as foods that contain sugar or salt and, of course, alcohol.

Quit bad habits!

Do not constantly lick your lips to moisturize them because all you achieve is to dehydrate and crack them more. Also do not put metal objects in your mouth. How many times have you caught yourself playing with the jewelry you wear around your neck? The metal can irritate the skin of the lips.

Use products that trap moisture to protect your lips

Buy a wax or vaseline product. These substances are very gentle on the lips and will make them look better. Prefer shea butter or balm extracts based on cocoa butter. They trap moisture and thus stay on your lips longer.

Take care of your diet!

Prefer foods, such as nuts, that contain nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin E that moisturizes the skin and omega-3 fatty acids that make the skin soft and supple inside.

As you may now know lip sunscren is not just another cosmetic, it is essential for their everyday protection, especially in extreme weather conditions. So just follow out tips and keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

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